The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee of our Board of Directors provides oversight on our performance with respect to CSR matters throughout the enterprise.  Their oversight includes receiving management’s updates on activities involving government relations, including lobbying.  When appropriate, management also discusses lobbying activities with the Board as part of its oversight responsibilities. In addition, management provides regular updates on lobbying activities to the President of the applicable business segment or to our President & CEO. For more information, please see our Management Information Circular, which is available on

Policy Regarding Political Contributions and Personal Political Participation

Our Statement on Business Conduct applies to Enbridge Inc., each of its subsidiaries and controlled entities, and their respective directors, officers, employees, consultants and contractors in all countries in which we conduct business.  The Statement on Business Conduct governs all of our political contributions and provides that “no funds or assets of Enbridge shall be contributed to any political party or organization, or any candidate for public office, except where such contribution is permitted by applicable law and authorized by senior management or the Board of Directors.”  In addition, it provides that no employee shall, directly or indirectly, exert influence on another employee to support any political cause, party or candidate.

Corporate Political Contributions

In 2015, we contributed approximately $98,000 to provincial political parties in Canada.  We did not contribute to federal political parties or politicians in Canada.  In Canada, the Federal Accountability Act prohibits corporate political donations at the federal level.  Laws governing corporate political donations to provincial entities vary by province, and we strictly adhere to them.  In 2015, we did not make any contribution to political parties, politicians or related institutions in the U.S.


We participate in the political process to help inform the development of public policies or regulatory processes important to our specific projects and business objectives.  Our lobbying activities are conducted directly by our executives, management or employees.  We also retain selected external consultants for advice and logistical support. All of our employees and external consultants engaged in government relations are registered as lobbyists where applicable and as required by laws in Canada and the U.S.

As required by law, we file lobbying reports with the Canadian government, the U.S. Congress, and state, provincial and municipal agencies on a regular basis, disclosing information about lobbying activities, including the issues lobbied and agencies contacted.

Trade Associations

Our primary purpose in joining trade and industry associations is not political. We benefit from, and contribute to, the general business, technical and industry standard-setting expertise that these associations provide.   Safety and operational reliability remain our number one priority, and therefore we invest significant time and efforts around safety- and reliability-related issues.  We are also committed to supporting the development of responsible public policy in the pipeline industry, and we work with the various trade and industry associations we belong to on a variety of public policy issues that may impact our business.  In doing so, we express our own corporate objectives when policy priorities are established and we do not agree with all positions taken by these associations.

In 2015, we contributed $50,000 or more in membership dues to the following organizations:

Each year, we consider our membership in these associations as part of our annual strategic planning and budgeting process. For more information about organizations in which we maintain memberships or to which we are affiliated, please see the Our Company section of this report.