Enbridge’s 2016 CSR & Sustainability ReportEnbridge’s 2016 Environmental, Social and Governance Performance

2016 at a Glance

Maintaining the Fitness of our Systems and Detecting Leaks


We invested about $750 million in programs that help us maintain the fitness of our systems and detect leaks across our operations in Canada and the U.S.



pipeline inspections conducted on our liquids and natural gas pipelines and distribution network



There were eight reportable spills on our liquids pipelines systems in Canada and the U.S., compared with 14 in 20151. The volume from these spills was 657 barrels, compared with 480 barrels in 2015. These amounts represent a reliable delivery rate of 99.99 percent for the year, based on our volumes spilled and gross delivery volumes.


Message from Al Monaco

President & CEO Al Monaco shares his thoughts on how Enbridge took action to integrate social and environmental considerations into its business decision making.

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Message From Linda Coady

Chief Sustainability Officer Linda Coady discusses how Enbridge has evolved its CSR and sustainability reporting to meet the changing needs of its business and stakeholders.

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