Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Content Index

We prepared our 2015 CSR & Sustainability Report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 sustainability reporting guidelines.

The following content index provide links to the sections of this website where you can find content pertaining to the GRI Performance Indicators.

Economic Performance

G4-EC1 Direct Economic Value generated and distributed.

G4-EC2 Financial implications and other risks and opportunities for the organization’s activities due to climate change.

G4-EC3 Coverage of the organization’s defined benefit plan obligations.

G4-EC4 Financial assistance received from government.

No data available

Market Presence

G4-EC5 Ratios of standard entry-level wage by gender compared to local minimum wage at significant locations of operation.

G4-EC6 Proportion of senior management hired from the local community at significant locations of operation.

Indirect Economic Impacts

G4-EC7 Development and impact of infrastructure investments and services supported.

G4-EC8 Significant indirect economic impacts and the extent of impacts.

Procurement Practices

G4-EC9 Proportion of spending on local suppliers at significant locations of operation.

No data available