Renewable Energy

The public’s focus on conservation and climate change continues to motivate governments to increase their emphasis on energy efficiency and renewable and alternative energy initiatives, including wind, water, biomass, biogas, solar, waste heat, fuel cells and geothermal energy generation.

Consistent with our vision of being a leading energy delivery company, Enbridge is investing substantially in low-environmental-impact energy sources—both renewable and alternative—that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address the issue of global climate change.

Since 2000, we have steadily increased our investments in clean energy projects. In just 12 years, Enbridge’s renewable energy assets have grown from virtually nothing to more than $3 billion.

The majority of our green energy investments are in wind and solar energy projects. However, we also invest in other technologies, projects and companies that will achieve returns similar to those realized by Enbridge’s oil and gas transportation and delivery operations, and that will contribute to a cleaner energy future.


Renewable Energy

Wind energy is just one of the emissions-free energy sources in which Enbridge has invested.

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