Our Neutral Footprint Commitment

IN MAY 2009, AT ENBRIDGE’S ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING IN TORONTO, Enbridge’s former President & CEO, Patrick D. Daniel, announced an ambitious plan to stabilize Enbridge’s environmental footprint at January 2009 levels. Enbridge’s Neutral Footprint commitments are the result of that vision. They are designed to reduce the company’s environmental impact where it is felt most: on the trees we remove, the natural habitat we permanently impact, and the energy we consume to power our operations, within five years of the impacts occurring.

To date, we have met or exceeded all of our Neutral Footprint targets and are on track to continue to do so through to 2015. In early 2014, we began a series of consultations with internal and external stakeholders on next steps with the program. Recommendations from this process are expected towards the end of 2014. The future design of the program will also incorporate learnings from its first five years of operation, as well as address new and emerging developments regarding corporate practice on conservation investment and engagement.

From 2009 – 2013, Enbridge …

  • Removed 596,443 trees and planted 825,445 tree seedlings
  • Disturbed 2,932 acres of natural habitat and helped conserve 52,303 acres (we will apply the surplus of 48,611 acres to future projects)

Forecast to 2014

As of February 28, 2014, we are forecasting that the power consumption from our Liquids Pipelines operations in 2015 will be 3,609 GWh over its December 31, 2008 level, while our annual renewable energy production is expected to exceed 4,000 GWh.


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