Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As part of our commitment to conduct business in an environmentally sustainable way, we set targets to lower our Canadian direct greenhouse gas emissions.

In 2005, Enbridge achieved its corporate target to reduce its Canadian direct GHG emissions by 15 per cent below 1990 levels. The company actually achieved an 18 per cent reduction.

We subsequently set a new reduction target for the 2010 inventory year of 20 per cent below 1990 levels and in 2011 we determined that we had achieved a 21 per cent reduction below 1990 levels, primarily through upgrading facilities and equipment. We achieved these reductions at the same time as increasing pipeline throughput by 47 per cent.

We continue to evolve our Carbon Management Strategy that will include further actions to reduce Enbridge’s own direct emissions. As the majority of our direct emissions emanate from our Canadian Gas Distribution and Services and U.S. Gas Transportation business segments, we are focused on finding ways to reduce those emissions.

We will set future targets for reducing direct emissions from our assets once we have fully completed an emissions inventory and once there is greater clarity regarding the regulatory framework(s) emerging across the North American jurisdictions where the company has operations.

With regards to completing an emissions inventory, we are designing and installing an emissions data management system. We anticipate that Phase 1, covering GHG emissions, will be operational in the fourth quarter of 2012. We expect Phase 2, which will manage criteria air contaminant emissions data, to be operational by the third quarter of 2013. The system will facilitate compliance with emissions reporting requirements in both Canada and the United States.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Enbridge continually strives to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.
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