Topics of Importance Customer Relations

Management Approach

We fulfill our commitments to our customers by ensuring the safety of our systems and delivering the highest levels of reliability; by making sure we are efficient so that our customers pay the lowest practical costs for our services; and by delivering our growth projects on time and on budget, while attaining the high standards for safety, quality and environmental and regulatory compliance. Enbridge Gas Distribution (EGD) also helps its natural gas customers adopt energy-saving equipment and practices to reduce both their natural gas consumption and their costs.

Our customer relations teams across the company aim to provide consistent and reliable service at all times. They are constantly looking for opportunities to improve by:

  • listening to customers to make sure they understand their needs,
  • proactively bringing important information to customers’ attention,
  • being responsive to them and addressing issues effectively and in a timely fashion to our customers’ satisfaction.

Customer Relationship Management

We collect customer-relevant information using Customer Relationship Management systems operated independently by our business segments. Given each business segments’ unique customers, our decentralized approach allows us to provide specific, tailored services to meet our customers’ needs. For example, EGD’s primary customer database system is its Customer Information Billing System, which holds customer and premises information and handles billing and collections.

Satisfaction Measurement

EGD measures customer satisfaction by assessing customer perceptions of its service performance on a wide range of customer touch points. In 2015, EGD achieved 79 percent on its Customer Satisfaction Index, compared with 77 percent in 2014 and 78 percent in 2013.

While our Liquids Pipelines business segment (LP) did not conduct any formal surveys in 2015, LP held more than 500 meetings with its top-ranked (by volume and revenue) customers and received direct positive feedback on its approach and ability to resolve issues collaboratively. Based on that feedback, LP believes customer satisfaction has improved throughout 2015, and going forward LP intends to continue its efforts to meet and exceed its customers’ expectations.

The Offshore component of Enbridge’s Gas Pipelines, Processing & Energy Services business segment (GPP&ES Offshore) also did not conduct any formal surveys in 2015, However, GPP&ES Offshore has regular, informal conversations with many of its customers and in 2015 received a great deal of positive feedback. Specifically, GPP&ES Offshore’s customers indicated an appreciation for its responsiveness to their changing needs and its fairness in dealing with issues that occur.