Topics of Importance Community Investment

Management Approach


Our approach to community investment is governed by our Board of Directors and by our Community Investment and Employee Engagement Policy, which defines how we support community needs to the mutual benefit of communities, Enbridge and our employees. In 2015, we also adopted a new policy on financial support for post-secondary institutions.

Our community investments are guided by a core set of criteria. We consider investment and sponsorship opportunities that are:

  • in communities within a 20-kilometer (10-mile) radius of our pipeline rights-of-way or near our operations,
  • of prime importance to the community,
  • beneficial to the greatest possible number of people,
  • significant to the community’s long-term interests, and
  • supportive of at least one of the three focus areas that we view as being integral to sustainable communities.

Our Board of Directors reviews and approves our annual community investment donations and sponsorship budgets. All of our community investment donations and sponsorships must comply with our Statement on Business Conduct.

Focus Areas

In making our investments, we concentrate on three general focus areas* that help us contribute to the quality of life of North American communities:

Everyone’s Well-being

Safety within our company and in our communities is our highest priority. We invest in local safety initiatives and organizations that keep our communities healthy and secure.  Our support for community well-being includes community safety, emergency response and disaster relief.

Everyone’s Community

We are partners in building strong, vibrant communities. We work with community leaders to identify and develop innovative and lasting solutions for local issues.

Everyone’s Environment

We take our responsibility for the environment seriously and recognize that the way we care for our air, land and water matters to everyone. We invest in programs that promote environmental stewardship, conservation, habitat remediation and environmental education.

*Certain projects may also have project-specific community investment criteria.