Health and Safety

While Enbridge is striving to be a North American leader in pipeline and system facility integrity, process safety, and environmental responsibility, we’re also striving to be a leader in human health and safety.

Our goal is to establish a world-class safety culture within Enbridge—one that targets zero incidents and zero injuries, and where our safety priority is engrained in the minds of our employee and contractor workforce.

We’ve taken steps within and made structural changes to our company to ensure we’re fostering a culture that proactively identities and mitigates risks across the whole organization and is constantly focused on our top priorities—safety and operational reliability.

For example, to further reinforce Enbridge’s safety culture and improve health and safety performance throughout the organization, in January 2012 we implemented Lifesaving Rules and training for all Enbridge employees and contractors; and in April 2013 we enacted Health & Safety Principles to guide our safety actions, policies, procedures and culture and which define specific actions and behaviours that all Enbridge employees and contractors are obliged to follow.

Enbridge had no employee fatalities in 2012. However, we were deeply saddened by an incident in which a contractor’s employee died on February 28, 2012, on the Woodland Pipeline construction project in northern Alberta. The individual sustained a fatal injury when the side boom he was operating flipped over into a ditch while he was helping prepare for a tie-in weld. Since this incident, Enbridge has required all contractors working on our projects to install roll-over protective systems (ROPS) on their side booms. Additionally, all side booms are to undergo pre-mobilization inspections prior to being put into service at Enbridge worksites. Enbridge has also created industry-wide pipeline construction safety roundtable groups in both the U.S. and Canada. Both contractors and owners are represented in these industry groups, whose focus is on improving the safety culture in mainline construction.

At Enbridge, all safety incidents, whether regulatory recordable or not, are reported to local supervisors, as well as to our Health & Safety Department for tracking, trending and communications regarding potential lessons learned.

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