GRI Performance Indicators

We’re committed to sustainable development and open communication about our CSR performance.

We have prepared our 2013 CSR Report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3.1 sustainability reporting guidelines, which are the internationally accepted framework for reporting on an organization's economic, environmental and social performance. (For more information about the GRI, please visit

In this section, you can access our complete GRI-compliant 2013 CSR Report, both in web form and as a downloadable pdf—approximately 200 pages of information about our company, our commitment to sustainable development and our recent CSR performance.

Performance Indicators

The GRI guidelines include standard disclosures made up of performance indicators and other information. Performance indicators are subject areas that the GRI has identified as being of interest to an organization’s stakeholders.

The GRI has assigned an alpha-numeric code to each group of performance indicators, as follows: EC1, etc.: Economic; EN1, etc.: Environmental; HR1, etc.: Human Rights; LA1, etc: Labour Practices and Decent Work; SO1, etc.: Society; and PR1, etc.: Product Responsibility. You will see these GRI codes in the Economic, Environmental and Social ‘Indicators’ section of our report.

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