Dear Reader:

Welcome to Enbridge’s 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Sustainability Report.

Each year, we evolve our CSR and sustainability reporting to meet the changing needs of our business and stakeholders. This year was no exception and our 2015 report contains several new attributes.

Most importantly, we have included a more in-depth discussion of our corporate strategy and priorities and, in particular, those that pertain to our environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. You’ll see that, as our sustainability reporting becomes more focused, our ESG performance is becoming more integrated with our core business, especially in the areas of energy transition and sustainability.

We’ve also provided greater discussion of our significant challenges related to climate change, and to how we are responding to new climate risks and opportunities. In 2015, I had the great privilege of serving on the Alberta government’s Climate Advisory Panel which, after extensive engagement with Albertans, provided recommendations to the Alberta government on how to reduce the province’s GHG emissions through its Climate Leadership Plan. While the Alberta government is still working out the details of its new plan, I can say for certain that my experience on the panel indelibly impressed upon me the broad range of opportunities available to companies, communities and individuals interested in acting on climate issues. In this report you can read about how Enbridge is responding to some of those opportunities through our new Climate Policy and other initiatives.

If you are a return reader to this report, you will know that we have set ourselves a multi-year goal of obtaining third-party assurance on the key performance indicators associated with our GHG emissions, energy use, health and safety metrics, and our performance with regard to spills and releases. In 2015 we made progress toward this important goal by introducing new data management and control requirements to improve the rigor of our internal data collection processes. This has improved the accuracy of the information disclosed in this report as well as accountability within the company for the data that it contains.

To compile this report, we rely on groups of subject-matter experts from across our company to provide input on the topics that our stakeholders have identified to be important to them. I greatly appreciate the expertise and dedication that our internal experts have contributed to Enbridge and to this report. I also greatly appreciate the contribution to this report made by Enbridge’s CSR, Communications and IT teams.

As always, I welcome your feedback on we can do to make this report better.


Linda Coady

March 2016