Our 2015 CSR & Sustainability Report includes performance data from, and events that took place in, 2015. We prepare a CSR and sustainability report each year, and we published our 2014 CSR & Sustainability Report, which focused on 2014 data, in March 2015.

Our CSR and sustainability reports only cover information on the assets that Enbridge operates. The word “Enbridge” refers to the entire company, our subsidiaries and affiliates. Where possible, the data refer collectively to all of the facilities that Enbridge operates. However, when we report information pertaining to a specific business segment— for example, Liquids Pipelines—we note it in the text.

Dollar figures refer to Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.

We prepared our 2015 CSR & Sustainability Report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 sustainability reporting guidelines, which are intended to serve as a generally accepted framework for reporting on an organization’s economic, environmental and social performance. The GRI G4 guidelines were designed for use by organizations of any size, sector or location and take into account the practical considerations faced by organizations ranging from small enterprises to those with extensive and geographically dispersed operations. The guidelines contain general and sector-specific content that has been agreed on by a wide range of stakeholders around the world to be generally applicable for reporting an organization’s sustainability performance.

Under the GRI G4 guidelines, our 2015 CSR & Sustainability Report is classified as comprehensive. The report has not been externally audited, although plans are in place to have sections of the report audited in the coming years.