The Heart of CSR

At Enbridge, employee engagement is at the heart of corporate social responsbility (CSR).

CSR is about empowering employees to make their day-to-day decisions based on Enbridge’s core values:  Integrity, Safety and Respect. No matter what decisions they are responsible for making, if they are making them based on these solid values—values that take into consideration the communities and the environment in which we operate, our customers and other Enbridge employees—then they are being socially responsible. Enbridge’s core values serve as guides for our actions at work.

The Heart of CSR - Jason Manshum
Jason Manshum is a member of one of Enbridge’s Expert Reporting Groups. 

But beyond making values-based decisions, employees are also integral to Enbridge’s CSR program in many other ways.

Almost 100 employees from across the company make up Enbridge’s CSR Expert Reporting Groups, which are responsible for reporting on Enbridge’s performance. “By regularly discussing CSR-related topics, and by involving employees from a variety of business units, we’re making CSR relevant to everyone at Enbridge,” said Levesque, who chairs the Council.

Beyond the Expert Reporting Groups, many employees also take part in volunteer opportunities that have a particular CSR focus. A few notable examples are:

American Heart Association’s Heart Walk - Every year, Enbridge’s employees in Houston form a team and walk together to support the American Heart Association and promote a heart-healthy lifestyle.

energy4everyone (e4e) - In 2011 and 2012, Enbridge employees dedicated a week of their time and the cost of their travel to participate in e4e-led volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica and Peru through Light Up the World. Their projects involved installing solar lighting systems in homes to improve the environment for children to study and for adults to work and socialize, and to eliminate regular lighting expenses.

United Way - Every fall, each of Enbridge’s geographic locations hosts a United Way campaign. These campaigns offer myriad opportunities to employees to contribute to their communities.

Volunteers in Partnership (VIP) program - Through this program, Enbridge support employees who contribute their time, talent and money toward volunteer activities in their communities.

Enbridge also engages employees through a bi-monthly blog, Let’s Talk Sustainability, which is written by Paul Hunt, Director, Sustainability and CSR, and Marie Jurcevic, CSR Advisor, and which encourages employees to contribute their thoughts on CSR-related topics. Hunt and Jurcevic also host an on-line suggestion box, which invites employees to share their ideas on how we can improve any aspect of our CSR performance.

In recognition of its efforts, in 2012, Enbridge, for the fifth year in a row, was named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. The annual competition recognizes companies that offer their employees the best places to work and lead their industries with best practices in attracting and retaining employees.


 The Heart Of CSR

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