Message from Al Monaco, President & Chief Executive Officer

Dear Reader,

The past year has been one of change for the energy industry and for Enbridge. Having completed our combination with Spectra Energy in early 2017, Enbridge is now the largest energy infrastructure company in North America, transporting, distributing and generating energy across the continent. It’s a leadership role and responsibility we take seriously, particularly when it comes to our approach to sustainable development.

As Enbridge evolves and grows, we remain deeply committed to our CSR and sustainability priorities and continue our focus on three foundational areas: safety & environmental protection; stakeholder & Indigenous inclusion; and climate & energy solutions. How well we engage on issues related to these priorities, and how good we are at integrating them into our business strategy and operations, will define our ability to achieve our vision of being a leading energy company.

Our annual CSR & Sustainability Reports enable us to reflect on our progress and to hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders for our performance. Importantly, it also helps us understand what we need to do to get better.

Safety & Environmental Protection

We are acutely aware that public support for our business depends on our ability to safely, reliably and affordably deliver the energy people need and want while protecting the environment. Delivering on these core societal expectations is not negotiable.

That’s why, over the last six years, we have mounted what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive approaches in our industry to deploying new management systems and technologies for reducing risk and protecting the safety of our employees and contractors, as well as the communities and environments in which we operate. At the heart of our approach is a commitment to maintaining the fitness and reliability of our systems, and our programs for leak prevention and emergency response. As we discuss in this report, our performance in these areas is our top corporate priority.

Stakeholder & Indigenous Engagement

We also know that we can’t meet our safety and environmental goals without engaging local stakeholders and Indigenous communities. Be it an oil or natural gas pipeline or a wind farm, energy infrastructure can attract public debate and concern from a variety of perspectives. In order to meet the changing expectations and requirements of local stakeholders and Indigenous communities, businesses such as ours must demonstrate their commitment to including local communities in how we are managing the environmental, social and economic risks and benefits of our investment.

Because of the long-lived and linear nature of much of our infrastructure, our management frameworks and systems for engagement are evolving to take a life-cycle view of our assets. We engage early and regularly with local communities on our projects and operations to obtain and respond to their input. Because of the strength of their connection with the land and water, our ability to establish long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities is a key priority.

Climate & Energy Solutions

In 2016, our business segments continued to develop long term plans for increasing their energy efficiency and decreasing their direct and indirect GHG emissions. As we discuss in this report, we believe our current and planned approach to managing climate risks is aligned with recent recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures. We support the adoption of climate policies at the provincial and federal level in Canada that can advance the transition to a lower-carbon future. We encourage collaborative efforts by industry and environmental organizations to reduce emissions across the Canadian oil and gas value chain. And we’re an active participant in North American and global conversations on policy mechanisms that can ensure that new carbon and climate goals support the need to maintain business competitiveness and energy security.

I believe Enbridge is uniquely positioned to help bring new lower-carbon solutions to scale in both Canada and the U.S. while continuing to meet the demand for safe, reliable and affordable energy. Our recent combination with Spectra Energy has given us a much stronger presence in lower-carbon natural gas businesses in North America as well as greater opportunities to capture emerging synergies between our utilities and our expanding renewable energy business.

We remain committed to being transparent in discussing our progress and challenges related to our performance on CSR and sustainability issues. This report, which we endeavor to improve each year, is a testament to the dedication of all of our people to delivering on that commitment. I thank them for their efforts and welcome your comments on our work.



Al Monaco
President & Chief Executive Officer

April 2017